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The following is written in the traditional Leicester style, with points and everything. Apologies if the order might be slightly iffy at times.

Adrian Pole

Ady opened the show, not to U2 [+1], but as a miniature Anthony Gatto with silver waistcoat [+1] and classical music. He stuck to three, four and five balls and used the musical cues well [+1]. He did, however, try to get the audience clapping along, which I’ve never liked [-1] and didn’t finish his lines as cleanly as Martin did later in the show [-1] (he could learn a lot from the Belgian one). Overall score [+1].

Luke Hallgarten

Luke came on in a parka which reminded me of both Tiff and Men in Coats, so got me giggling [+1]. He then sat on a chair for a bit waiting for the teenage social concern angsty bit to finish before doing any actual juggling [-1]. The routine was good, but unfortunately quite droppy and the lights seemed to get in his way (height-wise) several times), which made it feel quite disjointed [-1]. He ended with what I’m thinking of as his standard 5-club finish. Overall score [-1].

It was either Sarah or Tom next and I can’t remember which, so I’m going with Sarah.

Sarah Biskup

The newly inked, newly escaped from the circus Sarah was on next (or next but one) in a riot of pink and blue [+1]. Lots of energy, lots of moving around the stage [+1]. It was rings, but it wasn’t Norbi [+1]. A bit of work on posture and bodylines could make Sarah’s performances very good indeed. Still a bit scruffy though [-1]. Overall total [+2].

Tom Derrick

Tom came and did his tennis routine. Again [-1]. Apparently there was some new bits, but I’ve seen this routine a lot and zoned out a bit. What was missing was the fake serve, and a bit of Cliff Richard during the “rain delay” [-1]. A lot less droppy than it has been though, and with Wimbledon inappropriate hair [+1]. Overall total [-1].

Rachel Black

Rachel changed out of her hula hooper costume into more standard fair for the show [+1] and rocked out with the routine seen earlier in the year at Chocfest [+1]. Still, good, still like it, and it can’t have been easy to do in front on her parents. Overall total [+2].


Paid Darren to pick and wash strawberries [+1] and managed to lose two of my raffle tickets [-1].


Went quickly [+1] , could have gone quicker – how about going tombola style so people don’t dither about choosing prizes? I think BoB have done this in the past.

Jay Linn

Jay was compère for the evening, and did mostly a fine job [+1] in spite of some persistent heckling [-1]. He kicked off the second half with a bit of cigar box stacking/slamming, followed by a balance with a juggle. Unfortunately the stage was too high for the audience to see that the last cigar box was still on the floor (at least I couldn’t), which spoiled the classic ending somewhat [-1], and Jay’s balance either refused to stabilise itself quickly enough or he waited too long to get the juggle in (the people sitting next to me were muttering “just juggle, now” as soon as the balance was half stable) and sapped the energy a bit [-1]. Aidan made up for it with a marvellous heckle asking whether this was why the raffle was so quick. [+1]. Overall total [-1].

Apex Acro

Apex were up next with their Oh So Quiet routine. Professional, good stuff [+1], a little bit scarily wobbly at one point [-1], but they were all colour coordinated and varied speeds and stuff, so deserve at least another [+1], with an extra [+1] for getting Sarah back on stage to clear away the mats. Overall total [+2].

John Booth

John was next doing a bit of a Norbi impression dressed all in black with one and two white diabolos. He had a very slick, dropless routine [+1] with lots of smirking [+1], and he kept his clothes on [+1]. Overall total [+3].

Martin Heasman

Martin was up next with the three ball routine that I saw at the Scottish and was entertainingly (to me) dressed in the same outfit as Jay [+1]. Very slick juggling, all choreographed to the music [+1], with humour and grinning [+1] and an uncharacteristic drop that I’m not penalising. Finished off his lines beautifully [+1]. Overall total [+4].

Matt Pang

I had absolutely no idea what Matt would do, but luckily he seemed to have a fair idea. Good costuming and use of both music and stage [+1] but unfortunately had a bit of a droppy night [-1]. Lots of one-bottle flair type stuff mixed with balancing on a mouth-stick and the final trick was really great [+1], but the routine was repetitive [-1] and as a whole lacked energy [-1]. Matt also seems to have picked up the circus school trick of nodding when the audience should clap [-1]. Overall total [-2].

The show line-up showed again how many performers are choosing to wear black/dark clothing (aside from Tom, it was the girls who lead the colour revolution) and ended with what was either the best or worst pun I have ever heard.

Total show score [+10].



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  2. fak Post author

    Restored following accidental deletion:

    From Ed

    Hello, this is Ed from the Leicester Juggling Club whom you did some passing with at Clurb’s workshop; thank you, I enjoyed it lots 🙂 hopefully we’ll see each other again and we can do some more. Anyway I am holding the missing Sigg bottle to ransom, as yet to be announced, but I have washed it out for you 🙂 thanks to Dazza for telling me who you are…

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