Letters to my MP – Dominic Cummings

Dear Thangam Debbonaire,

I am writing to you to express my disbelief regarding the comments made by Ministers today regarding the trips taken by special advisor Dominic Cummings in contravention of the official advice during April 2020. Their words and his actions have seriously jeopardised the health of this nation and the ability to control the spread of covid-19 and I would like to see parliament returned before recess to discuss this as an urgent matter.

Yours sincerely,

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    Response from MP:

    Dear friend

    Thank you for taking the time to email me about your feelings and views about the alleged actions of the Prime Minister’s advisor and the response of the Prime Minister to those alleged actions.
    Hundreds of you have written to me in the last 24 hours and I’m writing this to you all. Most of you appear to have written to me for the first time – and it says a lot that this is what has prompted you to write.

    I’m grateful to you all for contacting me.

    I share your feelings of upset, anger, hurt and betrayal. You’ve made so many sacrifices during this crisis. Some of you have lost relatives. Some of you have had to remain isolated in order to shield a sick family member. Some of you have had to manage the demands of childcare at the same time as being sick yourselves, or had to care for a very sick child or partner. Some of you have been working in the NHS or care sector and trying to do this as well as care for your own children.

    Probably all of us share the same feelings of missing family and friends desperately.

    I am so proud of how calmly the people of Bristol have coped during this awful crisis, helping neighbours and friends, making incredible sacrifices to make sure we don’t pass on the virus.
    So of course it really hurts to hear of someone at the head of government, who was involved in setting the rules we are all abiding by, apparently flouting them, possibly more than once, and to hear the Prime Minister and his Ministerial colleagues defend these actions as ‘acting on instinct’ and something ‘any caring parent would do’.

    But also, it’s incredibly dangerous. At this stage, when we are just tentatively approaching the lifting of some of the lockdown rules, there is a risk of a second spike in infections and possibly deaths. If people believe that the official government guidance no longer applies and we can all ‘act on instinct’ this risk is even greater. Public confidence in the government requires trust and rebuilding that trust between government and public is vital for the sake of everyone’s health and welfare.

    The Leader of the Opposition said last night that he would have sacked Dominic Cummings by now if he was Prime Minister. I am also certain that Keir Starmer would never have employed this person in the first place, but I’m pleased he is so clear about the need for accountability at the top of government.

    As your Parliamentary representative, I’ve spent this morning analysing the information you’ve sent me, anonymising it and writing a letter on your behalf to the Prime Minister, the Health Secretary and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (Michael Gove) who is Cabinet Office Minister in charge of coordinating the Covid response for public preparedness and infrastructure. In this letter I’ve expressed a summary of how you are all feeling, with some anonymised examples to show the depth of pain and anger. I’ve asked them to respond to the specific questions my colleagues the Leader of the Opposition and others have put to the government on the detail of what has happened, the need for a formal investigation and for work to be put in to repair public trust in health guidance.

    I know it’s really hard to stick the government guidance but despite what appears to have happened, it’s vitally important that we all continue to observe the guidance which is there to help us to stop the spread of the virus and protect each other. Please let’s show the country that we are better than those who would flout it with such apparent disdain.

    If you are experiencing financial or practical difficulties because of the crisis, please seek advice from a recognised advice agency such as Citizen’s Advice or Shelter, or contact Bristol Council for practical help. If you need advocacy, or pointing in the right direction for information, or other casework support from me or you have questions for me as your MP, please contact me as usual.

    Bristol people – you are doing so brilliantly. Let’s not let these actions of two men of power ruin things and risk our health. We mean a lot to each other. Let’s keep taking care of each other.

    Take care.

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