Light at the end of the tunnel?

The news has been very doom and gloom about the housing market over the last few days (particularly with the muppet Darling saying the economy is in its worst state for 60 years), and today brought new headlines about gazundering.

Hopefully, today’s announcement that stamp duty will only apply from £175,000 upwards will get the market moving. Sure my house is on for £179,950, but a realistic offer would be around the £175,000 mark (and is the lowest I am prepared to go, which is still £20,000 less than what I had to pay out on, grr).

Fingers crossed this gets viewings up (still not web listed – I will chase that up on Thursday if it’s still not there) and maybe an offer.

Oh, and anyone who tries gazundering me will get short shrift and their details posted on the web to warn other sellers of their underhand tactics. Hmm, maybe I’ll put a non-refundable deposit clause in.

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