Light. May or may not be a train.

Cor blimey. Just got off the phone with my recruitment agency. Remember I had an interview yesterday morning? I thought it went OK, nothing spectacular. They’ve only gone and said today that they’ll make me an offer tomorrow (not sure what offer). They need to check some things out as I had some unusual requests (which I can’t go into here) which it seems like they may be able to accommodate, or at least work with me on.

Rah. Someone still values my work. Fingers crossed that it’s something damned spiffy and I can go into my HR meeting on Monday saying “Screw the lot of you, I’m going somewhere where I’ll be appreciated”. 

My CV also seems to have been sent out to someone else, but like here, there’s a bug going round that means lots of people are out of the recruiter’s office ill.

3 thoughts on “Light. May or may not be a train.

  1. Jen

    Fantastic!! I am keeping everything crossed for you that it’s a fabulous offer and allows you those unusual requests (I can’t pretend i’m not intrigued by those!). I’m so glad they’ve recognised your skills, and I hope you remember to do just the same.

    *hugs you again* Let’s hope it’s great news, and you can give the current folks the proverbial finger 😀 (Was there ever a proverb about a finger?!)

  2. Greg Harewood

    It’s good to hear. Resign!

    I also want to remind you that, when you resign, you have them over a barrel. They can’t do anything further against you… they are basically begging you to do some effective work in the notice period while they try to replace you.

  3. Charlie

    Hope it isn’t a frying pan and fire situation…anyway, sounds like you have options at least. I’m also intrigued by the unusual requests, and I hope it includes high ceilings.

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