Limited access

Woo, I can get onto my site from work, but it is hidden behind the “we’re watching what you do” disclaimer, so I may investigate some open networks in the area so that I can access stuff via my ipod (mmm, shiny).

This past weekend was spent in Nottingham. I didn’t take many photos, but what I have are here’s_fotos/Nottingham_2008/index.html. I spent a lot of time on both Saturday and Sunday passing (my shoulders ache, and I haven’t decided whether that is a good or a bad thing). Practiced the Scrambled V, the chopabout, 7-club ultimates, Jim’s bookends…and some other stuff (notably some colour-coded head-fuckery). I also messed around on wheels (8 snakeboard, 8 rollerskate, 2 ripstick), the scariest being the ripstick but the only one I fell off (and probably bruised myself in the process) was the rollerskates. At least there weren’t too many people around.

I met new people, which is always good (and always a little bit scary) and the show was awesome (I did miss Apex due to driving to the train station, but I’ve seen the act before so wasn’t a disaster). More Peter & Wes, please.

The next convention is The British, which will be longer and later, so I probably need to get some sleep in now in preparation.

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