Little Old Lady week

It’s Little Old Lady week with the following two stories being posted on Ravelry:


It has been interesting watching the reactions from posters. Initially it’s all “aw, poor old dear, she must have been being tormented” or “grandma must be losing her marbles, bless”. For some reason it’s hard to get people to believe that sometimes you just get miserable old women like this one

Respect is something earned, and there seems to be a disturbing irrational reverence for the elderly that they don’t all deserve. Take each person as an individual – enough of these stereotypes of little old dears. Also, don’t fall back on dementia as a reason. Yes, some of the elderly have dementia, but some also know exactly what they are doing and without specifics… well there’s a phrase about the word “assume” that is applicable.

Wake up people, if the behaviour isn’t acceptable as a teenager, if is isn’t acceptable as an adult, then it isn’t acceptable once you’re over a certain age either.

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