Little Stoke and Ashton Court parkruns – 1st January 2014

For some reason it seemed like a good idea to run both the Little Stoke and Ashton Court new year day parkruns, with Little Stoke going off at 09:00 and Ashton Court at 10:30. This decision was taken before the weather forecast came in and was in the full knowledge that I will have been out late the night before.

The weather at Little Stoke wasn’t that bad and we were on the winter course, so off the mud and on the tarmac. I used my lightweight rain jacket as the conditions weren’t too bad and took it easy to go round in a time of 26:04.

I finished 84th out of 153, was 13th lady and 4th in my age category, then had a quick change into dry clothes and beetled along to Ashton Court.

The weather at Ashton Court was appalling. Geoff had warned that there were 45mph gusts forecast and I don’t doubt them when running on the plateau – it was all you could do to go straight, but it did give a bit of assist up the hill (I had changed into my heavier weight rain jacket so was glad it wasn’t pushing wet fabric against me). A number of times it was hard going to go forwards, even when going downhill and I used some larger and faster people as windbreaks a couple of times, finishing in a time of 25:42.

I finished 63rd out of 152, was 12th lady and 3rd in my age category, before going home for a nice hot shower (because I wasn’t wet enough) and my onesie.

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