Little Stoke parkrun – 7th June 2014

We’d been kicked out of Ashton Court by Bananarama, so it was off to Little Stoke to parkrun this morning. I’d started aching the night before from doing my first full Body Pump class for about three weeks the day before (with my regular weights since I’d been keeping up my running whilst away) and it was worse when I woke up. I had a little roll around on my foam roller before leaving but it took the first km for my quads and hamstrings to loosen up. Having loosened they then started complaining about being made to work, but at least the weather held off so they weren’t working in the rain.

A pb for the course, but under distance as I kept to the grass to lessen the impact slightly, which meant I was on the inside of where the laps were measured.

I finished 66th out of 237 parkrunners, was 6th lady and 2nd in my age group (last chance to run in that age group, sniff).

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