Little victories

You’ve got to take the victories where you can. I managed a feedback session (which let’s face it, wasn’t going to be good) without getting all choked up. Yay. Of course, now I have to read what the feedback was in black and white, which is probably going to be a lot harder. Annoyingly I got picked up on getting into the office late. Thanks FirstGreatWestern. No matter what I do, I get in late. Getting to the station earlier just means that I get to stand on a freezing cold platform for longer whilst waiting for the delayed earlier trains. Today’s was on time, until it got to West Drayton and was then presumably used in some form of strongman contest due to the speed at which we proceeded. Entertainingly I was asked what would make me more interested in my work. Well, let me see, maybe more interesting work. Maybe having some staff members to delegate work to would be nice. Meh.

Met with my recruiter at lunchtime. All very nice and as you would expect. I can still turn the HR bullshit on when necessary. Just as well since I have an interview tomorrow morning (eep). At least I don’t really care whether I get it or not since I am more than willing to give this all up as a career and do something else. Anything else.

Bumped into some ex-colleagues on the way back to the office. One of them is also getting divorced so we swapped horror stories about that for a bit, and I let them into my current plans (not something my current colleagues are party to since they don’t give a shit). It appears that I may be subject to some sort of intervention by the people I sit near tomorrow. I’ve been invited out to lunch with them, which basically means I’m going to get grilled. I’d better get a store of tissues in. I wonder what you have to do to get signed off with stress by a GP?

Now, I just need to find another 20 hours a day in order to keep up with my workload. Anyone got some spare? Today’s work annoyance: two colleagues who each worked over 300 hours in January being congratulated for doing so (whilst a comment was made about other people not having enough chargeable hours). To me that’s appalling and a sign of horrendous under-staffing. Working on average over 10 hours every day (including weekends) is just not acceptable to me, but then I’m a fan of working to live, not living to work.

Edited to add: just read the written feedback and am rightly fuming again. Lots of inaccuracies and what particularly annoyed me was the reference to the day I had to work from home to get my car fixed, from this post. I told him as soon as I knew that I would have to work from home (Wednesday) and he’s now claiming that he didn’t know at all despite my reminders afterwards. I was being brought round to the idea of maybe having another go here, but really, what’s the point?

2 thoughts on “Little victories

  1. GingerLucy

    Wow, I could have written this post six months ago, before I bailed. I used to cry buckets in my feedback meetings, especially when they were slagging me off for occasionally refusing to do yet another 70 hour week. I really wondered what I’d say to convince my GP too! Good luck for the interview!

  2. Charlie

    Fuck em. Fuck em all. Working 300 hours in one month isn’t good, it’s idiotic. You might as well give them your blood to run the airconditioning.

    Do chat to your ex-colleagues tho, they should be able to give you some salient advice.

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