Living Dead Girl

I bought myself a heart rate monitor with some gift vouchers I got for my birthday and it arrived on Saturday (having been left behind my bin – that’s secure). Today was my first chance to try it out on a slightly harder than usual recovery run. Out along the usual route but adding in the extra bit of distance on the way out so that I didn’t have to loop around the houses to finish off the Zombies, Run! mission on the way back.

The heart rate monitor was pretty comfortable (it’s a Garmin), a bit like wearing a tight sports bra, I’m sure I will get used to it. I now have more data to play with. I topped out at 172bpm, averaging 161 for the duration of the run. I’m also getting myself a vivofit which I will pair with the heart rate monitor for my exercise classes, so expect that to go off the chart when I am doing classes like cubatone.

Living Dead Girl

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