Long day

Just back home after a long day during which I have:

written a letter to a utilities company accusing them of basic mathematical errors; helped out a friend with their taxes; been effectively told by a couple of people that they don’t like me; endured an hour and a half of tedious training; found out that I have potentially missed out on another flight bought for me as a present; listened to England muck up the cricket whilst scoring a different cricket match at the same time (we lost, badly in the end); finished a sock; been asked if I was from Germany because I was wearing my Passout 5 hoodie; played with a dog on a delayed train; drunk smoothie from a thermos flask; written this list.

2 thoughts on “Long day

  1. fak Post author

    Restored following accidental deletion:

    From Plumsie

    I’l admit to being the one that said they didn’t like you but you effectively stole my wife blog style. She is protective of her work and I am protective of her, If we feel you have wronged one of us we are bound to get upset.

    I see you have now amended the offending post to link to the blog you stole the idea from but I’m still not impressed.

    Don’t take it too personally. I’m sure with time we will get over it.

  2. fak Post author

    Semi-remembered following comment deletion:

    Don’t be impressed, then. It was a clearly labelled homage to a certain style and until I receive a complaint directly from your wife, which we can discuss between the two of us, it stays.

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