Long Day

Started off being woken up after not enough sleep. It had snowed again, which was pretty. Unfortunately that seemed to have caused havoc on the railways and we all got to play platform ping-pong for 25 minutes until a train eventually arrived which we could cram on to.

Busy day at work, with my entire afternoon (in fact 6 and 3/4 hours) being spent sorting out extensions (there are no minions). Fun, fun, fun. Meanwhile the other work piled up with people asking where there stuff is and colleagues offloading their work “Can you do this tomorrow, and this, and this?” I wonder what would happen if I said no? Stupid professional pride making me care even when I’m leaving.

They were also talking about weddings today, which as a soon to be divorcee (please let it be soon) isn’t something I can get excited about. But I kept my mouth shut and just raged internally instead. I need to get some space from the end of this relationship as it’s still very raw, but that can’t be done while we’re living in the same house.

Got naggeed into putting my MrBollox pattern on Ravelry, only to be told that I can’t use fak as my designer name as it’s too short and reserved in case a knitting machine manufacturer wants it. That’ll need thinking about. I do have a couple of other designs ready to go up, but don’t want to have to call myself fakoriginal again, and am definitely not using my real name (at least not if it is linked to my Ravname). Ho hum.

Time to go home and, well the plan was to buy food on the way but the walkable shops will be closed and I don’t think driving’s a good idea, so crash out instead. Better play with the cat a bit as I’ve just booked her into the vet’s for her vaccinations which entails a walk along a couple of busyish roads. She seems to like it once she’s there, though. Lots of things to sniff and knock over.

 Tired now. Knitting to do. 

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