Looking forwards and looking back

As I embark on a new year of running I am taking the opportunity to look back over 2014. Pulling some stats from the Garmin site where all of my runs are recorded (and since I got a vivofit in June my various exercise classes to):

Distance run: 1,226.79 km (that’s 762 miles and 513.85 yards)
Time spent running: 159 hours 13 mins 39 secs
Calories burned: 93,382 C

My aim is to run at least 5km every day in 2015, which will give me a total of 1,825km. I will still be racing 10k, half marathons and my first marathon, so the total should be much greater than that (hopefully over 2015km).

I also spent time adding which shoes I have used on which runs, going back to when I first bought my current set of shoes. I had recorded this information in the notes section, so when the gear function was added recently I could update each entry. According to this data I have run to date (so not just in 2014):

In my Brooks trail shoes: 817km (that will be time for a new pair, then)
In my white New Balance 1080v3 shoes: 400km
In my purple New Balance 1080v3 shoes: 358km

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