Mail problems

It turns out that both of the other parties in my house merry-go-round have messed with my mail. The people I bought from threw out mail that arrived there a couple of days before me, the person who bought from me signed for my birthday present from my aunt (a Royal Mail redirect was ignored).

I am very tempted to ask some friends to go round and ask for my greenhouse back, the little fucker.

2 thoughts on “Mail problems

  1. Jen

    If they’ve signed for something that’s not theirs, doesn’t that constitute theft? You should ask someone to go round and pick it up – I don’t see why they should hang on to it!

    Bloody Royal Mail *pokes them with a stick*

  2. fak

    I would have thought so. It’s tempting to send someone round, but I don’t want to put someone in that position. It’s all been logged with the delivery company and amazon (who the order was made through). They can reclaim it if they choose and follow it up. Quite understandably my aunt just wants me to have my present and doesn’t want to have to pay for it twice.

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