Monday soliciting

It’s a Monday, which means dealing with solicitors. Having finally dragged a signed copy of the acknowledgement of service from the other solicitors (2 months, they’ve had it, they’re supposed to respond within 2 weeks), I had the fun of swearing my affidavit in front of a different set of solicitors (that handily work in the building next door) and sending it off to my solicitor.

They now get to send it and a signed copy of the acknowledgement of service to the courts to request a trial date. They’ve warned that this will take at least 4 weeks to come through. The trial date (no-one has to attend) is when the judge decides whether the reasons for divorce are valid and will issue the decree nisi. Nothing can now be done for the next six weeks and one day (apart from barter over finances) which is the earliest a decree absolute can be granted (at which point the divorce is final).

So, assuming the courts get all of the documents on Wednesday (which they should, unless my forms are sent to the wrong person at the solicitors, again), earliest possible date of not being married (factoring in Easter) is probably just before Bungay (3 months away).

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