Mondays are a universal pain. First there’s the “hangover” from the weekend: your sleep is curtailed and you’re reminded that the fun things you did at the weekend are over (ice skating this weekend’s_fotos/Lynne_2008/index.html) and it’s another 5 days until you can have fun again.

I seem to have a new Monday ritual of writing to my solicitor. Today my lunchhour was spent going through 5 years of bank statements trying to find back-up for amounts spent on the house (to no avail, but hey, at least I tried).

Work is bonkers crazy at the moment, with everyone wanting their stuff prioritised, so I’m expecting long hours for the next three weeks, getting home just in time to go to bed. At least I get a weekend away coming up at a juggling convention. I even get my tea cooked for me on Friday night as I’m driving Ross down (probably better to drive on a full rather than empty stomach). I look forward to seeing what weather the M4 throws at me this time. Previous trips have had fog (just before Xmas) and snow (this last weekend).

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