It’s been a year since I bought my first pair of running shoes (off Amazon, with no fitting, bad me) and the time has come to replace them, so I toddled along to Sweatshop to have myself analysed. After getting my feet scanned (I have high arches apparently) and photographed (and a neutral position), it was time to run on the bouncy treadmill and get videoed. Apparently I have a neutral running gait. Yay me. This put me at much lower risk of injury compared to an over or under pronator and opens up a wide range of running shoes. I tried out about 5 different pairs of neutral shoes including one in two different sizes, with and without custom inserts (and in a range of sock thicknesses) before settling on the New Balance 1080v3 in a B width fitting and an orange/yellow colour scheme:

running shoes

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