Tried to exchange contracts yesterday (couldn’t do so before then as the people I am buying from couldn’t get time off work in order to sign their contracts until then). Phone tag happened all day, no exchange.

I called my solicitors to leave them a message confirming I was happy for them to exchange today (I have to do this each day). Didn’t hear anything back, so dropped them an e-mail to find out if they got my voicemail.

Apparently the other solicitors aren’t in the office today, so we have to try again tomorrow. Which means I have to call back again tomorrow.

Until exchange happens I won’t know if the provisional move/completion date I’ve been given is the final one. I can’t change any addresses. I can’t book vans. I can’t pre-reg for BJC.

I’m considering training as a solicitor – they don’t seem to actually do any work (7 months and counting on the estate work they should have done and haven’t).

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