Neverending story

It’s 11th September again, so the top news story is the president of America, along with the presidential candidates traipsing off to Ground Zero to be seen to do their duty.

Seriously, how long are they going to do this for? Yes, people died, yes it’s a tragedy, but it was seven years ago. Is this annual ghoulfest actually helping the friends and family of those who died deal with that and move on?

Which is going to be the first president to have the guts to stop it, and how will that be seen by the US and global public? In the UK we have rememberance day to remember those who lost their lives in the various wars, and really in general too. One day, job’s done. Nothing for x bombing, y bombing, z plane crash.

I see the value in those personally affected marking the anniversary, but for everyone else to? It smacks of propoganda to me and that’s just direspectful to the dead and the friends/family of the dead.

Wear a poppy, not a US flag.

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