New Venture

OK, so I haven’t sold my house or left my job, yet, but I need to do something different and figured I might give this making money out of knitting a try.

I’ve just designed a new cowl and have been pleasantly surprised about how quickly knits up. Checking out etsy (the place for selling handcrafted items on the interweb) similar items are selling at around the $65 mark. This seems to go along with the accepted practice of $10 an hour for labour + materials way of pricing. A cowl should take me between 3.5 and 4 hours to churn out (possibly faster once I’m thoroughly bored with the pattern) and I can get some nice luxury yarn to keep within that price range (probably some alpaca or baby llama, maybe some silk/cashmere/mohair). I also have a couple of thoughts for some more intricate lacework.

This is really just a heads up for my female friends – if these don’t sell, expect cowls for Christmas. If they do sell, well it’s not going to make me rich, but if I turn over my weekends to knitting for profit (up to 20 hours per week) it might keep me in nice yarn. I’m also probably going to sell the original designs (gotta be original designs to get past copyright) on Ravelry for between $3 and $10 since knitters won’t buy hand-knit items on etsy if they can make it themselves, but they will buy patterns.

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