Oddness abounds

I got my socks back from my assassin on Thursday, along with some cotton yarn. The yarn I understand (you are supposed to send your victim’s socks, as far as you had knitted them, to your assassin when they kill you. They then complete the socks and kill your victim (unless they get killed first, and so it goes on).

So, I started knitting and managed to finish one sock tonight (my shoulders are killing me). I figured I’d better e-mail the supreme commander to find out my new target’s postal address so that I could pop these babies in the post first thing Monday morning (I should be able to finish the second sock by then). I had a quick trawl of my spam folder and found an e-mail from the Supreme Commander saying to send the socks I had originally knit to my new target and that I could claim shipping costs back.

This is odd. My new target has larger feet than my original target, so if I sent them the original socks I would expect to be disqualified for not knitting the correct size (after all, my it’s not my new target’s fault that my original target entered the wrong e-mail address and never received their dossier). Plus, why wouldn’t my original target keep the socks knit specially for her? She’s sent me yarn (effectively socks-in-progress) so there’s no financial loss to me. Then there’s the offer on postage. Postage is an expected cost of the game, everyone expects to pay postage to kill and postage once you are killed. I’d have just treated it as a fair kill and that my original target had been experiencing problems with the pattern and either frogged herself or I’d been forced to frog and start again (it’s happened to plenty of people already).

Heigh ho. I don’t expect to receive a response to my e-mail going “Huh?” before I can get the finished socks to the post office, so I’ll just continue with the second pair in the new yarn and keep the original socks for myself (they happen to be my size).

In other news, old work have paid me an interesting amount (I shall have to wait to see a final payslip before I am sure the money really is mine), and my washing machine seems to be a bit clogged and isn’t draining properly. Oh, and I’ve built two bookcases this week (OK, put together two bookcases) and my dining room looks like a dining room again.

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  1. fak

    Recovered following comment deletion:

    From TV

    I thought it was “Splodgeness abounds”…..

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