I’d say that I’m a fairly organised person (the house may be a tip, but it’s an organised tip). I’m a fan of planning out what I am doing and when. When I’m going to be living somewhere temporarily (be it a tent or a hotel room) I prefer to unpack immediately so that I can relax (but am not OCD about it). is great in this regard. I have the majority of my stash allocated to future projects in my queue, and my queue is in order of things I am going to knit. It’s great. I’ve just had a bit of a tidy up and removed myself from a couple of groups that I wasn’t really contributing to and generally pared things down a bit.

Compare this with my work life. I plan out what I want/need to get done which is all well and good until the e-mails start coming in. The external ones are fine and I’ve got time set aside to deal with these, they all get dealt with appropriately and there’s never a panic surrounding them. The issue comes from the internal e-mails, which tend to be of the “has this been done yet?” variety. I think that the people sending them can’t have enough work to do (or enough grey matter to look at their own e-mails/the tracking software) to work these things out for themselves. So I’m getting chased for stuff that came to me yesterday. Um, hello, this is busy season, I’m working on 48 hours as a response timeframe, so no, that thing that came in 12 hours ago hasn’t been handled yet.

I’m thinking of setting up an automated reply system, similar to telephone calls: Your e-mail is important to us. You are currently sat in a queue. There are X number of e-mails in front on you. Please be patient whilst we deal with the preceding messages.

Hey, unless someone’s shouting it can’t be that important, right?

Most used phrase at the moment: Bite me! Closely followed by: Oh fuck off. 

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