OU degree in 3D

I follow Robin Ince on twitter, which is how I found out about his gig tonight at Colston Hall (just as well as I never seem to find out about things happening in Bristol from Bristol type sources). So I bought the tickets when I was home on a cat-feeding visit from Brizzle last week and toddled along to Colston Hall (after a massive meal at GBK – pro tip: chips or milkshake, not both) tonight. There was a music gig on in the main venue and Robin was in the “Lantern” or “Hall 2” as it was known before being re-branded (the signs haven’t caught up yet). I was, however, without my phone so unable to tweet at or about Robin (which I enjoyed doing greatly at the last gig).

A good gig as usual (the sound was marginally too loud for me in the first half, but seemed a little quieter in the second). Lots of familiar territory but new stuff as well. It’s always amusing to watch Robin go off on tangents, sometimes never to return to the original topic, but you’re always left wondering what you might have missed that has been cut (I would go to that 4+ hour show).

I spotted Prof Bruce Hood during the interval, which turned the gig somewhat into a living representation of my OU degree (Philosophy and Psychology) – I wonder what he thought of Robin’s use of brain and mind at the end of the show. Robin popped out afterwards but I never know what to say at these things so just headed off to try and schlep back to the car before the apocalyptic rain started (ended up mostly moist).

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