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The result of my final module, DD303: Cognitive psychology is in, and it’s a 76 for my overall examinable score and 76 for my continuous assessment score. That gives me a pass 2 for this module and a 2:1 for my overall degree, which is now complete (A BA (hons) in Philosophy and Psychology). A level up from my 2:2 BA (hons) in Accounting from the University of Liverpool (the proper one), and significantly less marketable (which I count as a good thing, this one was for fun).

Breaking down my exam results and of the three questions I answered, I got a 2 Bs and an A.

I answered question 1, along with 1,024 other students, and got a B (as did another 389 students). For question 4 I got a B again (as did 173 other students of the 544 of us who attempted it). Finally, I answered question 9 and got an A along with 176 of the 826 other students who also attempted that question.

It was interesting to see how the questions broke down in terms of attempts and marks. 1,511 students attempted the exam (I am sure there were some no-shows as well) and had to answer one question from each of three sections (each section having three questions within it). Only 1,502 answers were submitted for the questions in the first section, 1,481 for the second section, and 1,504 for the third section. Most interestingly (to me) was that in the third section, only 50 people attempted the middle question (question 8) and in the second section, only 61 people attempted the last question (question 6).

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