Pity Optical Express

After screwing up my contact lenses in September (my usage changed so they were going to send me contact lenses more regularly than every 3 months) and sending me extras, once again I have run out of contact lenses because they haven’t updated my records (which stops me doing lots of things).

I’ve been awake since half four and they don’t open until half ten (I was also woken up at a quarter to two by the cat) so pity the person on the other end of the phone when they open. I’m taking no prisoners today.

Update: After talking to four different people at Optical Express I should apparently expect to receive my full compliment of contact lenses shortly. I’m not holding my breath that the correct amounts will actually be sent this time. If not I shall be taking Patrick up on his offer to contact him directly (left via comments but I’ve decided not to publish since it contained a mobile number and it’s not fair to subject that to spambots even if it is a work mobile).

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