Poker practise

Bungay is coming up soon (yay) and I took the opportunity to play a game of poker last night. A local game which featured past, current and future colleagues, run by someone who actually knows what they are doing. 16 players, four of which were women (which was a nice surprise, though only one made the final 8), two tables.

I held on until the final table but being short-stacked went in on the big blind with Anna, and got beaten by a pair of queens (I think). But I got my drinks bought for me all night and because the other players are involved in a league or it was my first night, didnt have to pay anything, so free practise for me.

I wonder if I could scare up a weekly game amongst the Reading jugglers…

1 thought on “Poker practise

  1. fak

    Recovered following comment deletion:

    From Jani:

    Oh no, people are already playing practice tournaments. I wonder if it’s too late to start practicing false shuffles…

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