Poppy season

It’s poppy season and I have set a new record for losing my freshly purchased poppy within 3 hours. Normally they get a chance to get crumpled (and ironed flat again) but this one made a break for freedom on my way to lunch (after a failed attempt to remove it from my jumper to prevent it getting crushed under a coat).

3 thoughts on “Poppy season

  1. TV

    Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll turn up…..

    …about 5 minutes after you’ve bought another one! 😉

  2. Jen

    D’oh! I haven’t even seen a poppy seller yet 🙁 I usually go a bit bonkers at this time of year, and pop money in almost every poppy box I see…

  3. fak Post author

    I have another two now (one from the train station, one from Sainsbury’s – my original was from my office). One standard poppy and one of the new sticky ones without a stalk. Let’s see how long these two last…

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