Prince Caspian Premiere

Last night was the UK premiere of Prince Caspian, the latest installment from the Disney Chronicles of Narnia franchise. It’s quite a good film: quality performances from the young stars; a couple of cheesy moments I’ll let them get away with; Eddie Izzard as a mouse; and David Walliams being mostly cut as the worst bear in history (huzzah).

One thing I will take away from the premiere, is the unsuitability of the O2 as a venue for cinema screenings (our seats were set at 90 degrees to the screen leading to much straining of the back and neck. I’d also like a word with whoever said the film was due to start at 19:00 when nothing happened until 20:00. Personally I dashed there straight from work with no dinner in order to make the deadline, skipping walking the red (green) carpet, only to sit in a mostly empty auditorium for an hour.

The other thing I will take away is the fact that the British public apparently doesn’t know how to behave itself in, er, public. I could accept if it was children who were screaming, shouting things out, and applauding every time their favourite character came on screen (though blame their parents for not teaching them not to), but when it’s fully grown adults (with the worst kind of “memememememe” haircuts, it’s just not acceptable.

Would they whoop and holler whilst watching the film in their own homes? I doubt it. So why do it in a room full of 10,000 other people, who have all paid to watch and hear the film (and not your pathetic cries for attention)? Is it because they think the cast and crew will be impressed (hate to break it to you, but they’ll have left straight after the introduction), or do you just want to spoil the effort put in by the films creators and drown out their hard work?

Laugh at the funny bits, cry at the sad bits, but what is with the mass hysteria of one person clapping (I hope it was a child) only for everyone else to jump on the bandwagon and ripples of applause to break out? This is not sing-along-a-Sound-of-Music. Please do not interrupt my film experience with your childish behaviour.

Oh, and taking photos in a cinema, in the middle of the film, whilst using the flash….how stupid and inconsiderate can people be?

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