Project 365 – aka Photo a Day – Day 1

Right, I’ve spent this money on a digital SLR so I’m going to try and get as much out of it as possible. I’m not particularly interested in doing post-processing. I’m much more interested in being able to use pictures straight off the camera. So I won’t be shooting in RAW and don’t plan on doing much else besides cropping.

In addition to unearthing my old photography books (all the old SLR stuff is relevant as well as image composition) I’ll be having a stab at Photo a Day. Taking at least one photo each day and posting it up (mostly for my own reference). Posting may not happen each day but hopefully shooting will. Unfortunately with only a 30 minute lunch break at work and driving each way there won’t be a lot of opportunities for shots in natural light from Monday through Friday (at least not until the days lengthen a heck of a lot more).

So here’s the first shot:

Yes, the horizon is a little skewy and it’s a shame about the fencing on the side, but you have to start somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Project 365 – aka Photo a Day – Day 1

  1. jani


    I just got a friend to start shooting a photo a day. It’s a brilliant way to force oneself to think in pictures.

    Another good way to improve your photographic skills is to stop cropping your pics in post processing. I haven’t pp-cropped a photo since some time in the 90’s. It doesn’t make me a better photographer, but it forces me to focus on what’s relevant in the picture.

    Annoying besserwissers ‘R us.


  2. fak Post author

    Thanks for the advice, I’m definitely aiming for keeping cropping to a minimum, but it’s hard to do at the very limit of your zoom (and sometimes I’m just not going to climb that tree or wait until I get a better zoom).

  3. Colin Morey

    Good start to your Photo-a-Day/365 project, could I make a request though, could you upload the images at a smaller size, reading them via your RSS feed shows them as honking great big photos that barely fit on my 24″ monitor.

    And don’t feel that cropping in bad, sometimes it has to be done.

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