Running conversions

No, this post is not about running as a religion, rather it’s a little reminder for me of what pace and distance I am running when using the treadmills at the gym. I’ve been trying to stay metric, but people keep insisting on referring to minute/mile pace and the majority of the treadmills at the gym only work in miles, not km. So whilst my fast runs tend to be done either outside over 5km or on one of the metric treadmills, my longer runs are done on the imperial treadmills as they have a socket for my headphones.

So my easy pace of 6mph is 10 minute/mile pace and comes out at 9.7km/hr or 6:13 minute/km pace.
My fast pace of 5 minute/km or 12 km/hr translates to 7.5mph and 8 minute/mile pace.

The distances go:

3km to just under 2 miles, let’s call it 2.
4km to about 2.5 miles.
5km to just over 3 miles, let’s call it 3.
6km to 3.7 miles, let’s call it 4.
6.5km to just over 4 miles, let’s keep it at 4.
7km to 4.3 miles, let’s call it 4.5.
7.5km to 4.6 miles, let’s keep it at 4.5.
8km to 5 miles near enough.
8.5km to 5.28 miles, let’s say 5.25.
9km to 5.59 miles, let’s call it 5.5.

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