It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you get home from work before midnight. Today I left the office at just after six and made it back before the bigger Sainsbury’s closed, so managed to get some “proper” food for the week. Whilst I was cooking it I was in the house to take a call from a recruiter. I passed along my details of job requirements (both type of work and geographical location) and having booked a half day in a couple of weeks for a film premiere, arranged to meet up for a chat. I’ve just updated and sent off my CV.

Ate dinner, watched Lost in the bath, then knitted whilst catching up on Grand Designs. Did a load of washing and wound a skein of wool (which I need for my next project). Now in bed, having redone my CV, arranged to meet up with a friend in a couple of weeks, and looking likely to get a good 7 hours sleep – a vast improvement over the last few weeks.

The cat is sulking, but that’s probably because I’ve had my request for Bungay off work approved.

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