With anger and nerves after they declared the office open and I dutifully travelled to work (thinking that the snow at the office must be much better than the snow at home). Skidded 5 times, including on the motorway under braking (tap tap tap). Whoever declared the office open should be made to drive everyone home. Already been one car pushed and dug out of the car park, another crashed and the snow continues to fall.

3 thoughts on “Shaking

  1. Jen

    Can you down tools (so to speak) and head home now, before it gets any worse?

    Hope you get home safely :-S

  2. fak Post author

    My line manager has given permission but word by the water cooler is that the risk assessor was overruled to close today because the boss is in, and people who didn’t make it in last week are being asked to make up the hours. Hopefully there will be an announcement of some sort soon.

  3. Charlie

    …and even worse you missed basking in admiration from me regarding your knitting and decorating skillz! Nice house though. Amused by the non-Loxley-bottom-proof worktop.

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