Organising Passout is starting to prove to be more than a headache (the food issue is such a pain that I am looking for alternative venues, again).

Work have hired a new manager (who used to work there), so where does that leave me (with a temporary contract due to expire at the end of next month)?

The bulb in my bathroom blew just as the bath was half full.


2 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Plumsie

    You might want to have a chat with Roger at as the venue in Billingham that they have used for a number of BUC’s includes food in the hire cost and the event is normally about £35 per person.

    I know it’s not local to you but it might be a good fall back venue. Steve Granger also got a similar deal from a nice school in Scarborough a couple of years ago, He may also be able to offer advice.

  2. fak Post author

    Cheers Pete, I’ve dropped Roger a line and have someone else looking at Scout facilities for me too (since almost all have kitchens).

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