Skyline 10km – “A” course – the return

It was back to the Bath Sports Training Village for a second attempt at the “A” course for the Relish Running 10km Skyline series. Sunny skies, but cold so it was gloves, peaked hat and a light jacket (which was removed at about 4km). Last time I made it around in 1hr 2mins 36secs and was held up at the start by the crush of people. This time I got myself into the first wave so I would have a relatively clear track and was going to try and get as close to 1 hour as possible. The sections in the wood were treacherous as always, and I took them slow and steady (the hamstring is still healing), and there was a vicious headwind along the golf course section. As I came over the bridge for the last time I new it was going to be close, but didn’t think I’d quite make it. My Garmin was stopped at 1hr 0mins 09secs. So close. The GPS had it as 10.32km compared to 10.19km last time. Next time, the “B” course and the final medal of the 3-medal set.


UPDATE: Provisional results are live and place me 23rd lady out of 214 with a time of 1hr 0mins 1.4secs, and 18th in my age category. An improvement of 25 places overall, 12 in my age group.

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