Strange Saturday

My first weekend at home on my own for a while (well, me and the cat) and I took full advantage of it by… staying indoors and decluttering the house, again. So far I have the ground floor less cluttered and redressed (more new plates) and managed to get rid of two ottomans, I should be able to get rid of the third when I tackle the first floor tomorrow.

I managed to get as far as moving my car nearer the house for cleaning, but put that off until tomorrow when I found out (on the way to buy more house dressing stuff) that my next door neighbour had just died. He was a kind old coot and a good man, so it is sad that I won’t be seeing him again. Flowers and a card have duly been dispatched but I didn’t want his widow to come home from the hospital to me sudsing the car, just doesn’t seem right somehow.

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