Strictly Come Musicals

The CTBF London Party was last night and as usual Sam, Cadsy and myself got on our glad rags and graced it with out presence. I wasn’t really in the mood for a party as I’d had not a good night, followed by returning home to find an invoice from my solicitor and a letter from the other side which looked suspiciously like the correspondence sent to them over two weeks early (more delays, I doubt it will ever end and allow me to get on with my life). However, a good bit of laughing at Americans on TV and getting ready got me into the party spirit.

The theme this year was Strictly Come Dancing meets Musicals and there were an awful lot of tin men and Chicago people around (and one penguin), with a highlight being Starlight Express (yes, they all wore the rollerskates). The food was good, and the performances by Vincent and Flavia were spectacular (and they’re tiny). A bit of dancing, a bit of watching people on rollerskates fall over, then back in a taxi across town for a well earned rest. The traditional 5 course breakfast followed in the morning (cereal, toast, cooked foods, more toast, yoghurt), then it was back on a train home to see the cat.

In line with the economic slowdown the goodie bags had shrunk somewhat from previous years:

CTBF pictures

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