Super busy bonkers day

I started the day with a run and it feels like I never stopped running. Today I have:

– gone for a run
– finished knitting a cardigan whilst catching up on recorded TV to leave space to record more just in time to put the cardigan into soak before
– making lunch
– during which I hung the cardigan up to dry then
– ate lunch
– well most of it before a friend arrived to go pottery painting
– drove to the pottery painting place and spent a couple of hours in the sunshine painting then drove home in time to
– cook pasta for dinner and retrieve cardigan from drying outside with
– just enough time to put on a load of washing and then
– blog about morning run before
– receiving marked assignment back from my psychology class and dive into an
– online tutorial for my philosophy course during which I wrote two more blog posts (including most of this one) and set up an online payment for pet-sitting while I am away, then
– hung up the washing and set the dishwasher off running before
– tweaking my philosophy essay but delaying submitting it to the morning
– I’m now catching up on Big Bang Theory and eating sorbet/ice-cream.

I also managed to feed the cat and finish packing for Bungay somehow in there. Phew. Bring on the buttercups.

Here’s what I painted at the pottery place, before it is glazed and fired:

15.05.2014 - Alice's mug - C

15.05.2014 - Alice's mug - C (2)

15.05.2014 - Alice's milk carton

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