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W9D3 – c25k – graduation

Today was the last of the runs in the c25k program, and it was completed without incident, which means I graduate from the program having gone from doing no exercise at all to jogging for a solid 30 minutes.

A bit of a rest, then I start gateway to 8k (g28k) next week with my new birthday running shoes. I’m going to give the local leisure centre a go too.

W9D2 – c25k

It seems that rain brings the runners out. Another messed up night of sleep so another late start but it was chucking it down when I left the house so I was absolutely soaked by the time I got to the park (it cleared up while I was running). Spotted two other runners. One just doing laps (same as me), the other charging up and down the steep slope between the upper and lower parts of the park. 5 laps round the park and an extra lap around a football pitch. One more run to go.

W9D1 – c25k

I didn’t get to bed until 04:30 so wasn’t originally planning on running today (I also had sore calves and heels from ceilidh dancing on Friday). When I finally got up just after noon it was grey out and after some preliminary stretches I figured I would give it a go.

5 laps around the main park and 1 around the smaller park – that’s 30 minutes of running. No idea if it is 5k, but it is 30 minutes.

W8D3 – c25k

Running later in the day is definitely harder. That blazing ball of gas up in the sky increases the effort you have to make. I made it through week 8 though, so just one more week to go (then I can decide whether to go on to longer distances or instead trying and increase my speed over 5k).

W8D2 – c25k

I woke at just before 05:00 today. Since I was due to help with final tear down of the Bungay site I figured I may as well do my run then. Still have a blister on the little toe of my right foot and on the side of my big toe on my right foot, but this was the most “auto-pilot” run I’ve done to date. I think my speed was a little improved too as I did a greater distance in the same time as Day 1 of Week 8. Back to running round my usual park now (once my running clothes have been washed and dried). Only 4 more to go!

W8D1 – c25k

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up so had to start week 8 with only a day’s rest after finishing week 7. A really blustery day and it is energy sapping being buffetted around by the wind (the second half of my run was into a nasty headwind), but done, even with a blister on my little toe.

W7D3 – c25k

I managed to dodge the rain showers and get out for the last of my 25 minute runs in the dry. Hopefully the weather will hold for the step up to 28 minutes next week.

W7D2 – c25k

The sun in Suffolk is surprisingly hot at half eight in the morning. Not as windy as it was on Monday though, so I managed a similar distance in my allotted 25 minutes. One more of these and I get to move up a level.

W7D1 – c25k

Week 7 is a repeat of W6D3. I didn’t do this one so early in the morning so didn’t get damp feet but did have to battle against gusty winds. Spent a little longer on the road so that I didn’t wake people up pounding round the campsite.

W6D3 – c25k

I was woken at 03:00 by being forced out of bed and gave up trying to get any mattress back at 04:30 afterthe birds had been going a good half an hour. So I got up, had a bite of breakfast and did my 25 minutes through Hulver Farm, out onto the road, a bit of a loop then back again. My feet were drenched in dew and my sunglasses kept misting up (the sun didn’t really make an appearance until the end), but I did it. Not fast since I was on uneven ground, but that’s not what I am going for.