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W6D2 – c25k

You would think after managing to run for a full 20 minutes that two 10 minute runs would be easy. Not so when you have had 5 hours sleep, are still aching from horseriding and are running for the first time in a steady mizzle (and a short sleeved top which seems to be much warmer than it should be. I got through it though. Next run will be in Suffolk on potentially ankle turning fields.

W6D1 – c25k

Back to intervals today with 5 minutes, 8 minutes and a further 5 minutes, each with a 3 minute rest period. I ache a lot more after this one, which I think is a result of the 90 minutes of horseriding yesterday. Definitely aching in the inner thigh and lower shoulder areas (consistent with sitting on a horse and slowing it by pulling back on reins).

I should be able to fit in one more run before switching locations to fields in Suffolk.

W5D3 – c25k

Blimey. I don’t know whether it is determination/bloody mindedness/repressed rage/or I’m actually getting fitter, but I completed the non-stop 20 minute run that was Week 5 Day 3 of the c25k program. I really didn’t think I would manage it, but in the end I could have probably kept going for another 5 minutes (just as well since that is what I’ll have to do next week). It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t pretty, but no parts of my body failed on me and I made it all the way (and above the 140 bpm the music was going at). It’s nice when you surprise yourself and exceed your own expectations.

W5D2 – c25k

I made it through day 2, even though it was a jumo from 5 minutes at a time to 8 minutes at a time. I still don’t see me going for 20 minutes without a break (not without blowing out my knee at any rate). They’re taking down the goalposts in the park and have painted in the boundary for the cricket pitch. It must be almost summer.

W5D1 – c25k

Day 1 of the fifth week completed. There was someone else running around the park today. Had to dig in a bit towards the end so am a bit worried about the 20 minute non stop run I’m supposed to be doing at the end of this week.

W4D3 – c25k

As I was awake at 05:15 it made sense to go for my run before the plasterer was due (08:30-09:00). Heading out earlier did not increase the number of like-minded people I encountered. There may have been a couple more dogs.

Still, that’s week 4 done and dusted. 5 more weeks to go and next week I do a different thing each day. Day one is 5 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 5 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 5 minutes on. Less actual running than in week 4 but all in 5 minute stints.

W4D2 – c25k

Today’s set seemed a little easier. Not sure if that is because I didn’t have a massive headwind to run in to or if it’s starting to work and my stamina is improving. Can’t imagine what it would be like to try and do these whilst carrying extra weight (I’m doing this for the cardio, I have no weight to lose). Deployed the ninja but not for bugs, they were cutting the grass on the football pitches and I didn’t feel like breathing the clippings in.

W4D1 – c25k

For the record, running for 5 minutes is much harder than running for 3 minutes, particularly when you only get a 90 second break. I completed the set though, despite a wicked headwind. I wasn’t going particularly fast at the end, but I was going, which is the point. Not looking forward to two more if those (and then it gets worse).

W3D3 – c25k

I have completed week 3, this means I am now a third of the way through the c25k program. After the first half of today’s run I thought things were getting easier, this was not the case after I finished the second half of today’s run. Still, I finished it, I didn’t flake out and I think my pace might be improving (measured in how far round the park I get in the allotted time). Bug count low again, so still no pink ninja.

Next week it’s 3 minutes on, 90 seconds off, 5 minutes on, 2.5 minutes off, 3 minutes on, 90 seconds off, 5 minutes on. Seems like a stretch at the moment. We’ll see on Monday.


W3D2 – c25k

I was up and running before the bugs woke up today, so still no appearance of the campest ninja. That final 3 minute run never seems like it’s going to end, but end it did. Ran the other way around the park for a bit of variety. Lots of dog walkers but no other joggers (I have only seen 3 other people jogging there so far).