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Damn you, cancer! Update

Aidan passed away a few minutes before 9:00pm this evening, Thursday October 9th.

Usually I pour a glass of wine of an evening. Tonight I have opened a bottle of beer. Aidan would always have chosen beer.

He declined very suddenly this afternoon, struggling greatly with his breathing. He had lots of his close family with him at the end; his Mother was holding his hand.

If you have not kept track of him over the past year, he kept a blog from the time he first fell ill. You can read it here
I choose this page in his blog to link to as he performed these street shows with me last December. He was already very ill at this time but it was a good, happy occasion.
I am sure all of you who knew him will have your own happy memories of a very special man.

I will pass all messages or replies I receive onto his brother Bernard to share with the family.

I shall be posting this to several different lists and pages tonight, apologies if you see it more than once.

So, put on some prog’ rock, go find a Sudoku to do and raise a glass of beer – just make sure it’s a real ale!

And next time you throw a club at someone, throw it for Aidan!


Juggle on, Aidan.