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Pets are expensive

Annual vaccination time for the cat today. Following on from last year the vet said that she needed to hat a couple of teeth out; “soon” being upgraded to “now. So, she’s booked in for the Friday before Bungay. I already have this day off work so can drop her off no problem and pick her back up again. In the unlikely event that she gets kept overnight then I don’t have to pick Jani up until lunchtime, which should be plenty.

In a way it works out for the best since I will be having a vet nurse coming in whilst I’m away to check on both the house and the cat – and she’s more likely to spot if anything is wrong that I am.

The operation comes in under the “it’s only a cat” limit of a grand at £300.

That Monday Feeling

A bit of a Monday feeling about today, despite the fact that it’s Tuesday.

The Easter weekend was a good break, even if I did have to work on the Friday. I should have worked Saturday, Sunday and Monday too, but the incompetents who pretend to do work for me had done it all wrong, so there was nothing I could do. You’d expect that to be a good thing, except I’m off for the rest of this week at BJC and that means I will effecitevely be a week behind by the time I actually get a chance to look at stuff.

No word from either my solicitor or my old boss, so I have e-mailed the former and left a voicemail for the latter. I could do with some good news, but at the moment would settle for any news that allows me to make plans and not feel stuck in this limbo.

Packing for BJC has got as far as me throwing some clothes on to my bed as I got ready for work this morning. As with moving house or office, it’s not a big deal and I can get it done in about half an hour (provided I can find the important things, like Jungle Jam). 

The forecast for BJC has changed from bright but cold, to rainy and marginally warmer. Not sure which I’d prefer, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so hey ho.

The cat was ecstatic to see me after spending Easter on her own. She’d wolfed all of the food down for her (two pouches and a massive pile of biscuit), but must have filled herself up as she wasn’t too fussed when I put more food down. She was so excited to see me that she had to tell me at 4 this morning by wailing outside my bedroom door, then sitting on my chest, purring. I’ll take it as a sign of affection and not a form of revenge.