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W10D1 – g28k

I almost bailed out of this run more times than I care to count. I should probably have more than a bowl of cereal when I’m going to be running 50minutes non-stop. But I made it through, 9.26km which isn’t too bad (though Mo Farrah could do it in half the time). Details here.

W9D3 – g28k

I had to have an extra rest day as my body complained about activity after a two-week layoff, and I fear my quads and calves are going to kick up a fuss tomorrow (they are already grumbling now). But I managed my aim of going further than in Munich, if only by a few metres (9.6km over 9.51km). My stamina has suffered with the break but hopefully I can get back on top of that relatively quickly. I managed to average 5m20s/km, which I’m pretty happy with given the break. I shall see if my muscles let me go swimming tomorrow. Details of run here.

W9D2 – g28k

I hadn’t run for over two weeks as my feet and left knee had been wrecked in Germany, so I was surprised I managed as good a pace as I did for the first 20 minutes. Nasty stitching down my left side (the one with the injured knee) slowed me down considerably over the last 30 minutes, but I still managed to get to 9km. Details here. My cough didn’t seem to be much of an issue other than I may have been breathing more shallowly (which probably contributed to the stitch), so back to the gym tomorrow.

W9D1 – g28k

The hall at the EJC was closed, so I took the opportunity to go for a run. Not great pace since it was roasting hot and I didn’t know where I was going (plus several times I was having to dodge through tourists. Details here.

I also measured the distance from my tent to the main hall – 1.67km, a 20 minute walk, and that was before my feet were entirely held together with tape and my knee twisted from lugging my kit there and back.

W8D3 – g28k

Another week done, only two more to go. Today’s run almost didn’t happen due to poor weather, but luckily I got distracted playing Plants vs Zombies, so by the time I was ready to have a shower the rain had stopped and I was able to go for a run. A bit all over the place, pace-wise, but an improvement over Tuesday’s run. Also found out that there had been an attack at the place where I run in the early afternoon on Tuesday, so may want to find somewhere else to run when I’m back from Germany. Details of today’s run here.

W8D2 – g28k

Today’s run started off OK. I was average 5m/km for the first 20 minutes, but then my body remembered that I hadn’t had enough sleep, I had spent 90 minutes at the gym the previous day, and had also spent 4 hours walking around Cribbs the previous afternoon. Pace was also all over the place. But I got back just before half of my new bathroom was delivered, so at least I got the run in. Details here.

W8D1 – g28k

Week 8 started a little early to get it all in before EJC. A step back in distance but a step up in endurance this week, going from 3 reps of 15 minutes to 2 of 20. I managed to knock another 5 seconds of my 1km pace. Down to 5m4s, closing in on my goal of 5m flat. Details here.

W7D3 – g28k

Huzzah, Wednesday was not a fluke, I managed to average 5m12s/km today in near perfect conditions (cool and cloudy, but not enough sleep). A few tweaks and twinges and a couple of dog interruptions but it was mostly good, and I was back and showered in time for the start of the delivery slot for my new bath. Details of the run (not the bath) here. 3 more weeks to go.

W7D2 – g28k

A good run today. I felt in a good rhythm and managed to get most of my run in before the sun burnt off the slight cloud cover. Even with interruptions from dogs and their walkers I managed to knock another 10 seconds of my 1km pace down to 5m10s. Details here.

W7D1 – g28k

A drop down in distance, but an increase in endurance this week. Went from 4 reps of 12 minutes to 3 reps of 15 minutes. I managed to keep under 5 minute/km for the first 3km, then slowed down a bit in the hot sunny weather. Pace was a bit all over the place during each rep, possibly as I went in and out of shade. Details here.