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W6D3 – g28k

A good run today, I am getting closer to my target of a 50 minute 10km. I managed 9.86km in 52 minutes (with 3 minutes of walking). I even managed to speed up on my 4th rep of 12 minutes, meaning my average pace was back to 5min19s. Significantly fewer dogs around, no doubt due to the rain. Details here.

W6D2 – g28k

An almost perfect day for running: cloudy, a light breeze and the odd spot or two of drizzle. A little bit slower than Monday as I was really concentrating on my breathing in an attempt to prevent getting a stitch, which was mostly successful. My internal organs may have behaved themselves, but my legs were about half a second behind me. Just have to put the two together. Details here.

W6D1 – g28k

Today’s run had started off well, despite the late hour and the nasty headwind along one side of the course. Alas I got pretty bad stitching just after the start of my third repeat of 12 minutes on 1 minute off and that really hampered progress. My legs were still willing and able to keep going, and faster, but my internal organs vetoed them. Made it all the way round, but didn’t make it to the 10km I was hoping for. Details here.

W5D3 – g28k

Take one hot sunny day, add a 90 minute workout in the gym the previous day, and you get a slow run. Not as slow as I thought it might be, given that I wanted to stop half way through, but it might take a while for my body to adjust to me running and working out. Details here.

W5D2 – g28k

After going to the gym yesterday I felt sure my pace today would be compromised, but no I actually ran a smidge faster than I did on Monday, maintaining my new faster pace. I am planning on spending an hour in the gym tomorrow, so shall have to see if that changes anything with my Friday run. Details here.

W5D1 – g28k

I went for speed on my first rep today and in so doing managed to run over 9k as part of my 8k training (hmm, I may be running too fast). I am also developing tan lines from my running gear now that the weather is sunny and I’m out there for almost an hour (including getting to and from the park). I managed to knock 10 seconds off my previous best average pace for 1km, down to 5m20s. Details here.

W4D3 – g28k

Ugh, first rep was all over the place. I could not get a rhythm in either my legs or with my breathing. That pretty much sorted itself out over the following reps (unfortunately syncing legs with breathing so stitching was a slight issue). Boredom is starting to become an issue now, but after the relative disaster that was the last time I tried a different route I am loathe to deviate from running in circles. Breakdown here.

W4D2 – g28k

Another sunny, but this time windy day for a run. Instead of the flock of seagulls in the park it was a murder of crows. Slower pace today so didn’t make it 8km in the time (though did start a bit late as I was still faffing locating satellites). First time carrying some liquid with me. Not as annoying to do as I thought, the bottle didn’t require grasping it just sat over my hand, sloshing was a bit of a pain though (but not as much as my shorts not staying up as well as they should).

Details here

W4D1 – g28k

Another hot and sunny run, this time with excitement provided by two Jack Russells wanting to play and snapping around my ankles. I decided to go out on a really hot lap to start and see what happened. It gave me a decent average pace but did mean that my later laps were run with trainers full of lead. Made it to 8k though, even if for 3 minutes of the 44 I was walking. Details here.

W3D3 – g28k

Not the best prep for a run. Had breakfast, got changed, stretched, discovered garmin was completely out of juice. Gave it 45 minutes to charge and then headed out (forgetting my sunglasses in the process). The actual run was OK though. Lots of kids playing football to navigate around (another reason to not run at the weekend) and I was wearing larger shorts than usual (as a result of not double checking that they hadn’t been put on the wrong sized hanger) which I think helped with the stitching (since my organs weren’t been held so tightly in place). Battery just about lasted the distance so I managed to capture all of the details here (though why my page changed into Norwegian is beyond me). I actually went further than I have before, even though I felt I was going slower.