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W3D2 – g28k

Details here. A little slower that the other day, with a little more dealing with not developing a stitch (and a little more being distracted by dogs). Still, 7.1km and it’s only week 3 of the 8k training. By week 10 when I’ll be running 50 minutes non stop I think I’ll be going quite a bit further than 8k.

W3D1a – g28k

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s failure I decided to stick to what I know (running round in circles on a flat surface) and try it again. Shins were a little achey and I was thinking about getting a stitch towards the end, but I did it (and not as slowly as I thought). 7.25km in 40 minutes 24seconds (not including the walking there and walking back. Details http://bit.ly/jV8Vad

W3D1 – g28k [Fail]

Adding declines and inclines on one of the hottest days of the year (and not a lot of sleep) was probably a mistake. Powering up the slope towards the end of my third rep of 9 minutes completely drained my legs and caused me to flake out halfway through my fourth rep (I decided my priority was getting home in one piece over finishing the run). I did take is some different sites, however, I just need to figure out a less severe way back up the hill. Details here.

W2D3 – g28k

First run with my GPS, so I may have pushed myself a little harder to race against my pace. Weird to wear a watch at all, let alone run in one, but it’s not heavy and hasn’t irritated my skin so far. Details here.


W2D2 – g28k

Another interrupted night of sleep (the cat pulled a cable of one of the burglar alarm sensors and set it off – the burglar alarm that we were never given the instructions or code for), so another late run. Blustery conditions and blazing hot sun, but my pace was much more even. I ran around the same distance as last time, but this was much smoother. GPS has been dispatched so hopefully I will have it in time for Friday’s run.

W2D1 – g28k

Not a good run today, though I did get 6 and a quarter times round the park in my 4 reps of 8 minutes on, 1 minute off. Interrupted sleep for the third night in a row which meant I was out much later than I wanted to me and it was muggy. Pace was all over the place and it was harder work than it should have been. 12 different dogs bejng walked, 1 other runner.

W1D3 – g28k

Third run of the week today and a much faster pace (though I can’t tell as the GPS I ordered first class on Saturday has yet to be sent out, grr). 6 times around the park instead of the usual 5 and a quarter. Went the opposite way round to usual (it was pretty blustery and I prefer to have the wind behind me on the long straight) and overtook one other runner.

W1D2 – g28k

I didn’t match my pace of Monday, possibly because I set off extra quick to get some space between me and another jogger, possibly because I had breakfast then went to the post office (parcel wasn’t my gps watch) before heading out for my run.

Followed up the run with a shopping trip in town to get a couple more exercise items so that I don’t run out when I start going to the gym in addition to running, and got a hi vis running jacket that should stand up to some wind and rain.

W1D1 – g28k

The couch to 5k program has been completed and it seems to make sense to keep moving forwards, so I started the gateway to 8k program today (g28k). Going back to intervals was a bit strange as the last few weeks of c25k was non-stop running, but I think my pace increased compared to the previous week (4 intervals of 7 minutes with 1 minute recovery periods). I got to test out my new running shoes and soon I should be able to see how far and fast I am really running when my Garmin forerunner arrives (it tracks using GPS rather than the less reliable footpads).