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Garden – before and after

The railings for my garden were delivered and fitted just before I left for Japan, so here (finally) are the before and after images for the garden makeover (I’m having new front windows fitted on Wednesday).

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Building project 4 – Day 14

The landscapers have left and I have a new front and back garden to enjoy. Faster than the original schedule (by a week) and very reasonably priced (for the quality of work and materials). It’s not entirely complete as the blacksmith still hasn’t come up with a quote for my railings, but when that comes in it shouldn’t be too much hassle to get them (or an alternative) fitted and I can do proper before and after photos.

Building project 4 – Day 11

The start of week three saw everything move to the front of the house and the collapsing front wall was rebuilt. It still needs its topping of engineering bricks, hence it’s shroud, but then it will be on to paving. The skip has attracted attention from a neighbour, it was one of the different ways to get to know a neighbour (at least they asked if they could use it rather than dump stuff in there in the dead of night).

Building project 4 – Day 10

Day 10 saw the struggle with the shed. It’s up (the doors will be attached on Monday). The patio paving was pointed and the lawn laid and watered in. That’s pretty much it for the back garden (apart from painting, planting and the railings – still waiting on a quote). Everything moves to the front on Monday.

Building project 4 – Day 8

Halfway through the second week of the garden renovations and the focus moved from the back to the front. The raised beds at the back were filled with lovely new soil and given a final coat of dazzling white paint. At the front the old wall was carefully dismantled and the gravel removed. Tomorrow the paving bricks will arrive for both front and back, and I will hopefully have a quote from the blacksmith for the custom railings (which won’t be able to be fitted until well after the rest of the garden is completed).


Building project 4 – Day 7

The retaining walls for the raised beds were finished off today, including having an extra skin built inside to add strength against the weight of soil. They also got their first coat of white paint (showing up the other walls). Tomorrow they will be topped up with soil and get their second coat. Work will then begin on the front while we wait for the paving bricks.