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Day 64/365 – new 5k pb

I wasn’t quite awake when I went out for my run, but the weather was nice and I got across the road without having to pause so figured I’d go for my Jantastic time target for March. I had put down 23:40 for 5km, thinking that I would be running it at the Ashton Court parkrun, but once across the main road I could just about squeeze in 5km along the river and back without any further breaks. I had my iPod shuffle on instead of my iPhone, so just blasted it. I was surprised (and pleased) to manage a pb given that the route does involve an elevated bridge and some tight turns.

Ashton Court parkrun – 29th March 2014

A year’s worth of parkruns (52) and my final Jantastic run. I could feel that my legs didn’t have anything for a sprint finish at the end, so settled for another sub 24 minute run but no pb (though if I took a timing from finishing 5km and not the course it would be close). Beautiful weather and no wind, though still some puddles to splash through on the plateau.

I finished 82nd out of 269, was 12th lady and 3rd in my age group.


This waking up early malarkey is starting to get old, but did allow me to get my penultimate Jantastic run in before breakfast and before going to the dentist. A nice easy 10k along the Avon was on the cards, but for some reason my iphone had pushed all of my Pharrell Williams songs to the cloud so wouldn’t play them and I had to stop and fiddle around with it. This lead to me pushing a little bit harder to make sure that I got back in time to be showered and presentable in time for the dentist.

No other runners out on the route today, which is unusual, but I did get giving a Falun Gong flyer by a dog walker (and being British and middle class accepted it with a ‘thank you’). I’ve got to say that being flyered on a run is a new one on me. I also stopped at the turning point to take a picture.

2014-03-27 09.04.33


Ashton Court parkrun – 22nd March 2014

A windy parkrun this week with a headwind on the plateau to slow everyone down. Sub 5 minutes for the first km, which is up the first hill and I think it’s the hills that are the key to a fast time at Ashton Court. There’s two of them and I need to work on getting up the second one a bit quicker now that I’ve managed to trust my shoes and lean forwards on the way back down. My new year’s resolutions were to run sub 24 on a regular basis and get under 23 at least once, and get my club 50 shirt before my birthday. Well I’ve managed the first and the third (just waiting for delivery of the t-shirt), just that sub 23 minutes to go. Hmm.

My Garmin gave me almost exactly the same time as last week (a pb) with a slightly increased distance.

I finished 63rd out of 280 runners, was 10th lady and 4th in my age category.


A nice easy 10km run along the river, checking out the state of the path. It’s dried out now but there are a couple of places where it has subsided so I’ll probably wear my off-road shoes next time. It was only supposed to be 8km according to my 10k training plan, but I’d put 10k down as my long run for Jantastic this week, so 10k it was.


Zombies, Row!

It’s 8 weeks to the Bristol 10k so I’ve officially started training for that now. My easy recovery run today involved practising my fast feet (which I’m aware probably looks ridiculous), and I actually did some finger crusher exercises beforehand. I’ve been meaning to do this exercise for a while as I’m aware that my back is a bit of a weakness and need to help build up that part of my core, but never quite get round to doing the exercise. But no more, I’m going to make sure I do a few everyday to strengthen up that back and core.

Zombies, Row!

Ashton Court parkrun – 15th March 2014

My 50th parkrun and I intended to just go out and enjoy it, no pressure, just get the run done. It was a little chillier than expected at the start and I was just doing my thing. I managed to pass a few people on the hill up to the plateau and turned at a steady 13 minutes. I kept my pace going along the plateau and back to the 3/4 mark (another time check and it was around 19 minutes). The final 1.25km is back down the first hill and then a flatish run into the finish and I know that gravity assisted I can do that in around 5 minutes, so since it looked like I was on for another sub 24 minute run (twice in two weeks) I kept pushing it. You run out of hill assist for the final 500m and even have to go up a slight rise, then the last 80m or so when you round the final corner is flat. I passed a lady I had been chasing at this stage, checked my watch and it said 23 minutes so I put on the afterburners. They only have a very small amount of fuel but I hung on across the line, stopping my Garmin at 23:44, which is a new pb for me on the Ashton Court course. By a second. According to my Garmin. The official results gave me a time of 23:45 but still a new pb!

I popped in to the garden centre on my way home, bought six roses, pulled off a staggering piece of parallel parking when I got home, and planted them. A pretty good start to the day.

I finished 82nd out of 283, was 11th lady and 3rd in my age category.

Ghost Town

Out into the mist again, and an easy 30 minutes as I think I might be coming down with this cold that seems to be going around. I ran without looking at what my pace was at all, just going with what felt easy, but did have to stop when the app crashed out on me again. I thought it might have been from missing a call but there was nothing in my missed call list and no voicemail left. Ho hum. The Scaramanga Six did not fix the bugs with the app.

50th parkrun tomorrow, if I don’t succumb to this cold in the meantime (which I’m going to fight off by doing some gardening in the weak sunshine).

Ghost Town