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Gone shopping

Oops, I somehow managed to spend enough online at Get Knitted (a Bristol yarn shop) to qualify for free shipping. It’s only a couple of skeins of Cascade 220 (OK, two in two different colours – I’m thinking about working on some soakers), 6 skeins of Colinette Iona that was on sale, and a new cable needle for my KnitPicks Options set.

Hmm, must check on whether my Barbara Walker Treasuries have shipped yet (and order number 3 from somewhere else as the vendor didn’t have any after all).

Taking control

With so much of my life up in the air (how long will I be working here, when will I be moving) I have decided to take control of something: my knitting. I’ve checked out my current projects and those queued and come up with what is hopefully a realistic list of things to get done by the end of the year. I’ve gone through and tagged queued items with “2008” or “2009” and those falling within 2008 all have anticipated completion dates to try and keep me motivated.

With the socks it’s pretty easy to work out how long they should take, but I’ve also got 5 large projects (4 shawls and 1 blanket) which could swim along quickly and easily, or drag significantly. Still, it’s a target of 14 items in just over 4 months. What could possibly go wrong?

Stash busted

I have finally done it. All of my active stash is now allocated to projects. Unfortunately this means that I now have 11 pairs of socks, 3 shawls, 1 blanket, 3 stoles, and wimple to knit before I’m allowed any more yarn. That’s not including the items I’m currently working on. I should be a busy year…


The last few days of work have been a bit hectic, so I haven’t managed to post about my increasing bloodlust.

Monday was spent at poker (my last one, unfortunately), and I reached the heady heights of 4th. There were only 9 initial players, but I still get my points, so I’m happy. After the game I hung around and finished off my second sock for sock wars (whilst initiating the other players engaged in a cash game about the rules – they were asking me, in my defence).

Packaged and mailed my socks Tuesday lunchtime and am tracking them across the Atlantic. I would taunt my victim some, but their e-mail address is wrong, so I’m hoping they have actually started some socks for me to pick up (assuming I don’t get killed in the meantime.

One kill down and I want to kill again…

I may already be dead

I finally got my sock wars dossier to find that my target is in Oregon, and allergic to animal fibers – which rules out the woolen socks I have already started. Oh well, I’ve only done about an hour and won’t be able to post until Monday at the earliest, so can switch to cotton (which I luckily have on hand) and do a quick swatch to get gauge.

Knitting madness

Today is the start of Sock Wars III, or rather it should be. The pattern was scheduled for release (along with details of our first victims) at “around noon GMT”,  an hour ago. So I’ve spent my lunch hour wolfing my lunch (very tasty it was too, the bits the touched the sides, anyway) and obsessively checking my e-mail and two message boards for news.

I can now relax knowing that I can’t do any knitting until I leave the office, but hoping that the pattern arrives before then as I don’t have a printer at home in order to print out the pattern (not to mention the lost knitting time commuting if the pattern’s not available).

Yes, I am crazy, but this is war!

Clearing the decks

Sock wars is due to start on Friday, so I have been clearing the decks, knitting-wise. My long-term, stay-at-home project has been shelved in favour of finishing off some smaller items pre-war.

I’ve managed to finish the socks I started last week (they’re only short), and am over halfway through a hat for Bungay (and to be recognised at the airport). I don’t really want to leave myself with nothing to knit tomorrow so have trawled Ravelry for a pattern to use up my newly acquired baby llama yarn (because how can you not buy baby llama when you have the chance).

This evening will be spent finishing the hat and winding the wool for sock wars (along with swatching to achieve gauge before battle commences). I might even mow the lawn if I’m feeling adventurous.

Hopefully it won’t be too late a night on Thursday (karaoke for a departing colleague) so that I can get a good start once the pattern is released (supposedly Friday lunchtime). British Gas are scheduled to be fixing what they mucked up/didn’t do last July which means an early start on Saturday for more knitting goodness. I know that there is at least one other sock warrior in the area and it would be rather amusing to be able to hand deliver knitted death, but there are faster knitters than me out there, so you never know.

Back to socks

I finally finished my large project (late) last night, so wound some lovely kingfisher coloured sock yarn this morning for a travelling project. Still no sign of my knitzis (knitzii?), so I took the opportunity to try out my Knit Picks metal DPNs.

They are lovely. Compared to the bamboo and wood DPNs I’ve been using they are incredibly smooth. Completely even in width and with absolutely no flex (at the 2.75mm size). Already they feel like they’re making my knitting more even (not that it was ever uneven) and the glide makes a lot of things easier, such as knitting through the back loop on this sock cuff.

The colours were initially striping on the cuff, but have started to pool a little more, and even though I’ve only knit 1 cuff (and the colours were startlingly vivid in office light compared to the light available in the door of the train carriage) this may be my favourite pair of socks yet.

Long Day

Started off being woken up after not enough sleep. It had snowed again, which was pretty. Unfortunately that seemed to have caused havoc on the railways and we all got to play platform ping-pong for 25 minutes until a train eventually arrived which we could cram on to.

Busy day at work, with my entire afternoon (in fact 6 and 3/4 hours) being spent sorting out extensions (there are no minions). Fun, fun, fun. Meanwhile the other work piled up with people asking where there stuff is and colleagues offloading their work “Can you do this tomorrow, and this, and this?” I wonder what would happen if I said no? Stupid professional pride making me care even when I’m leaving.

They were also talking about weddings today, which as a soon to be divorcee (please let it be soon) isn’t something I can get excited about. But I kept my mouth shut and just raged internally instead. I need to get some space from the end of this relationship as it’s still very raw, but that can’t be done while we’re living in the same house.

Got naggeed into putting my MrBollox pattern on Ravelry, only to be told that I can’t use fak as my designer name as it’s too short and reserved in case a knitting machine manufacturer wants it. That’ll need thinking about. I do have a couple of other designs ready to go up, but don’t want to have to call myself fakoriginal again, and am definitely not using my real name (at least not if it is linked to my Ravname). Ho hum.

Time to go home and, well the plan was to buy food on the way but the walkable shops will be closed and I don’t think driving’s a good idea, so crash out instead. Better play with the cat a bit as I’ve just booked her into the vet’s for her vaccinations which entails a walk along a couple of busyish roads. She seems to like it once she’s there, though. Lots of things to sniff and knock over.

 Tired now. Knitting to do.