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Day 339/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

A nice gentle Ashton Court parkrun today as Chris would get grumpy if he found out afterwards that we’d pushed hard when there is a Gwent League cross country race this afternoon.

I finished 93rd out of 227 parkrunners, was 19th lady and 2nd in my age category. No Tanya, so I made up some points (still 2nd), but will be away in Iceland next week.

Day 332/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

It was Daryl’s 50th parkrun today, so there was cake to be eaten after an assault on the hill. Great Western Runners were providing pacers, so I tried to stay with Marcus and Kelly (who were pacing 23 minutes). I lost them a little on the first hill, but caught and passed them on the plateau. I could hear Marcus encouraging his group with 250m to go and just about managed to keep them behind me. The rain mostly stayed away, but it was a little blustery.

My watch threw a small fit when I saved my run, but it was still there this week and I synced it to my phone whilst eating cake.

I (provisionally) finished 75th out of 333 parkrunners, was 3rd lady and 2nd in my age category (though one of the scanners failed, so this may change as I thought I counted myself 4th lady). Still 2nd in the points table (but Tanya finished ahead of me, as did Alison).

Day 325/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

I was very glad of the heated steering wheel and heated seats in my car as I drove to Ashton Court this morning. I ended up going with long tights, a long sleeved shirt under my parkrun t-shirt, gloves, a buff, and an earwarmer headband to keep warm (and sunglasses). I was running a little late so was worried I wouldn’t make the start on time, but of course we didn’t set off until almost ten past.

I didn’t think I was going particularly quickly, especially when being blown sideways going up the second hill, but at the turning point I realised I was first lady. After that it was a case of hanging on and hoping Tanya wouldn’t pass me (but I thought she would). Somehow I managed to stay in 1st, the first time I have ever managed this at Ashton Court. Alas, even though I saved the run in my watch it appears to have undergone an update which has wiped all of my files, including today’s run, so I re-uploaded a run from a couple of weeks ago which was about the same time (a few seconds slower, but I edited it to match my official time).

I finished 40th out of 308 parkrunners, was 1st lady so 1st in my age category, taking a point out of Tanya in the points table (still second).

Day 311/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

The rain was diagonal as we ran up the hill at Ashton Court, and there was a mean headwind as we came downhill, but I went faster than I had intended (but it felt OK) and managed to get away quickly to give the LEAF a quick charge up.

I finished 31st out of 222 parkrunners, was 4th lady, and 2nd in my age category. Still in 2nd in the points table, even though Becci was volunteering today, but I can’t make it next week so that gap is going to get eaten away.

Day 304/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

I felt good as I cycled to Ashton Court for parkrun this morning, and when I went through the first km in 4:31 I knew I was in good shape. I kept up with Bevan for a bit before he left me at the turnaround point, and just kept pushing. Tanya passed me just after we came off the gravel, but I knew I had a good chance of a pb if I just kept pushing. I ended up taking just over 30s off my previous pb on that course (my 7th pb of the year at Ashton Court). I think it is the marathon training still being in my legs, coupled with the relative taper of only doing minimum 5km runs every day. Definitely a good time to capitalise.

I finished 40th out of 364 parkrunners, was 3rd lady and 2nd in my age category. Still holding on in 2nd position in the points table.

Day 290/365

The plan had an easy 6 miles in it for today, so I cycled over to Ashton Court early to get in a quick 3 mile loop before parkrun. Then it was up and down the hill for parkrun proper, before heading back to the cafe for tea (and another cycle home).

I finished 75th out of 376 runners, was 5th lady and 2nd in my age category. Still second in the points table, with Tanya miles ahead.

Day 269/365 – Ashton Court parkrun and then some

I am planning on running the Mells Scenic 7 tomorrow as it marks Jim Plunkett-Cole’s 1,000th day of running at least 10k, so had to get my long run in today. This meant running to Ashton Court, running the parkrun (my 100th at Ashton Court), then running home (via the bank). You therefore get to spot the Ashton Court parkrun course in the middle (hopefully there is an uptick in pace). This means I had no idea what time I ran the parkrun in and had to wait for my official result to find out.

I was 57th out of 305 parkrunners with a time of 23:19, 3rd lady and 2nd in my age category. With the 100 points from volunteering last week, this puts me 3rd in the points table.

Day 255/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

Out to Ashton Court early (but not quite as early as I had planned) to get a couple of miles in before parkrun. I took the parkrun at what I thought was a steady/easy pace, though Chris wanted me to slow down when he saw me at the 1km mark. A lot of people volunteering instead of running today because of the half marathon tomorrow, but that’s not an option for a 365er. I still finished 4th lady though, just with different people in front of me, and came home in just under 24 minutes (which might have been a bit quick, but it felt OK).

I finished 53rd out of 267 parkrunners, was 4th lady and second in my age category. I am now up to 5th in the points table (but don’t know if I will be able to run next week as that is the Uphill to Wells relay).

Day 248/365 – Ashton Court parkrun & recce with Rosey

A double header this morning as after cycling to Ashton Court for the parkrun there, I cycled into town to meet up with Rosey and reacquaint ourselves with the last part of the Bristol half marathon course ahead of next week’s race.

I didn’t take the parkrun flat out, knowing that I was going to have another 5-6 miles to do afterwards, so was surprised to find myself coming home in under 23 minutes and that was after having to stop to tie my shoelace on the plateau. Strava reckons that met my 22:35 target, but it’s measuring somewhere different as my watch said 22:49 when I crossed the line. That put me 57th out of 356 parkrunners, 4th lady and 2nd in my age category. I’m up to sixth now in the points table.

I then trundled down to meet up with Rosey and go around the last section of the Bristol half marathon course, as it’s been a couple of years since she last ran it. It was good to have a reminder of some of the annoying bits (the hill by Castle park, the cobbles at Welsh Back) without the fog of having run most of the mileage by then. The Castle park hill doesn’t last that long, and Welsh Back isn’t that far. Both will just have to be endured.

Day 241/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

I cycled over to Ashton Court this morning, to give myself plenty of time to run a couple of miles before my parkrun (in line with marathon training). I had intended to take it relatively easy today as I am racing tomorrow, so had set myself a target of 23:30. It was a bit hot and sticky, and I’d already done 2 miles so figured that should be manageable. I got up the first hill a bit quick (but it felt easy) and turned in under 13 minutes. This was all a bit fast so I tried to ease back a bit on the return journey, only to get egged on over the final 100m by Andy and Paul. I probably could have got a pb today, but was trying to save myself for tomorrow (which hopefully bodes well).

I finished 54th out of 317 parkrunners, was 4th lady and 2nd in my age category. Still 7th in the points table. I also got to break in my new orange and purple shoes (and some new Puma kit).