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Day 43/365 – Up

The Bath Half is now only a couple of weeks away, so I decided to do a 10k run at half-marathon pace, which handily knocked off my Jantastic target for the week too (though I will also be running 10k on Sunday). Only a couple of Zombies, Run! missions left now, I wonder when Season 4 will be released.

Day 41/365 – Rollercoasters

It was an early start for me as the bookings for residential school opened at 09:00 and are allocated first-come, first-served. I didn’t want to end up having to go to Nottingham instead of Bath so I made sure I got my 5km out of the way so that I could be showered and at my computer when the bookings opened.

You get different people out on the river path earlier in the morning, but I was taking it slow and steady (and walked back for the remainder of the Zombies, Run! mission once I hit 5km).


Day 37/365 – The Milkman Of Human Kindness & Into The Light

I got talked into competing for Bristol and West at a cross country race on Sunday so won’t be going out for a long run with the guys at Ashton Court. I had cancelled my usual Body Pump class as I still had the tail end of this cold, so hit the railway path to rack up the distance I had pledged for Jantastic. The path was icy in place but I got through two zombie missions and passed the same lady 3 times.

The Milkman of Human Kindness

Into The Light

Day 36/365 – There Is Power In A Union

I think I am starting to win the battle against this cold, so I took my new cross country spikes to the local park to try them out. My comfortable easy pace was up on the previous couple of days, though I stopped twice: the first time because a massive Irish Wolfhound decided I was acting like prey by running so I had to stand still and wait for its owner to retrieve it, the second time to take a photo of a massive plane presumably coming into Filton with a much smaller plane as an escort. The ground was frozen rather than muddy, but the sensation of running in spikes wasn’t too different to my usual running and trail shoes. The shoes were much lighter and the sole thinner, and you could occasionally feel the bite of the spikes. I took them up and down some hills at the end of my run and thought I could feel a difference both up and downhill in terms of traction.

There Is Power In A Union

Day 29/365 – Bad Moon Rising

What should have been a 30 minute Zombies, Run! mission turned into a 62 minute mission. I wish they would warn you beforehand when they are running double length missions. I had only intended a gentle 5-6km, so when I got to 10km I stopped my GPS and let the remainder of the mission play out as I chilled out on the swings. I’m intending to go out with the Bristol and West recreational runners this evening, so don’t want to tire myself out.

Bad Moon Rising

Day 26/365 – Listen All You People

A nice gentle recovery run out along the river with a Zombies, Run! mission. No other runners out and about, not surprising given that a women was attacked on the other side of the river last week. I finished running about 300m before finishing the mission and walked the rest of the way – it was a long run I did yesterday.

Listen All You People