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Day 22/365 – Sowing Season

After the slow 10km I ran on Sunday (the terrain wasn’t conducive to a fast time) I wanted to put a faster time down for the Strava 10km challenge, so it was out along the railway path. There’s a diversion just before the tunnel, so there was some weaving through residential areas and I turned back just before it rejoined the path. A couple of problems with the Zombies, Run! app – I think a couple of the tracks in the playlist I was running have got corrupted, so it was trying to skip over them and ended up not playing the audio for collected supplies.

Sowing Season

Day 15/365 – Comfortably Numb

The forecast was for bad weather, so when I saw it wasn’t raining when I woke up I put one my new pink trail shoes and headed out for the local park with a Zombies, Run! mission. It was just as muddy as last week, but I didn’t run out of my shoes this time. I did enable zombie chases, but it was difficult to get sufficient traction in the mud to speed up sufficiently. When analysing the mission I found that the chases had failed because I had sped up too much, though it felt like it must have been too little. The app crashed out on me during the first zombie chase, so the mission is in two parts.

Comfortably Numb (part 1)
Comfortably Numb (part 2)

I have now run over 100km this year.

Day 12/365 – Shoot The Runner

A nice gentle Monday morning trot along the river to the accompaniment of Ed Sheeran and a Zombies, Run! mission. I was worried when I started the 2015kx365 challenge that I would quickly run out of zombie missions, but I am still only using two a week as I was before. I don’t use one after a class because I (currently) only want to run the bare minimum, I don’t use them at parkrun, and now I am running in a group on Sundays I don’t use one then. This just leaves my Monday recovery runs and Thursday runs (which will be interval sessions once I’ve bedded in the new routine a bit more).

Shoot The Runner

Day 8/365 – Aquarius

I managed to miss the morning’s rain by researching VAT (the joy) so decided to take my tired legs out to the local park and try out my new trail shoes. I need to remember to tighten the laces as I ran out of my right shoe twice (the second time I was without a sock having hopped back then put my foot down in the mud). I guess that proves that they grip well in the mud, and once I had tightened the laces there wasn’t a problem. My legs were feeling very heavy and a bit tight though, so I took things slowly (even more slowly in the boggy parts), and finished the Zombies, Run! mission a little early, walking the final track (since I had already run 6km at this point).


Day 5/365 – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

A nice gentle recovery run along the river after yesterday’s long run. The legs were feeling a little heavy, but I had a Zombies, Run! mission to keep me occupied. I almost stopped running at 5km and let the remainder of the mission play out as I walked home, but luckily it finished not too long after passing the 5km mark. Tomorrow will be the first big test of this running 5km everyday malarkey as I will be running back from the gym after a hard exercise class.

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Love Is A Stranger

It was a couple of degrees warmer when I headed out today, but the pavements were still icy so I decided to do a 30 minute recovery run around the park again. This would normally be 6 tracks on the Zombies, Run! app but today it decided to use 9 trackss, so my 30 minute run was actually 50 minutes long (I would have eaten breakfast before heading out it I’d known I’d be gone that long). I did hit my steps target for the day though and could follow my trail from the previous day where the grass had been stomped down, only this time my feet ended up soaked as the grass wasn’t frozen solid. Shoes next to the radiator when I got back to try them out in time for the New Year’s day parkrun double.

Love Is A Stranger

Insane In The Brain

The thermometer outside the kitchen window was showing 0ºC when I got up, so it was on with the thermal leggings, two layers of t-shirt (long and short sleeved), earwarmers, gloves and a buff to breathe through when I set out for my morning run. The roads and pavements were icy so I decided to hit the park for an interval session of being chased by zombies. The frozen grass was crunchy underfoot and the sun wasn’t quite up when I arrived, but it was pleasing leaving and following tracks as I plodded round and round.

Insane In The Brain


No Body Pump class today, so it was out along the railway path with zombie accompaniment. I was aiming to get to the tunnel and back, but encountered a blockade just before the tunnel so had to turn back a little early. This may mean changing my planned routes for my long runs in the build up to the Bath Half as the railway path is nice and flat and tarmacked, so not susceptible to flooding like the Avon trail.